24 December 2014

A Blogging Break & A Huge Thankyou..

Happy Christmas Eve lovelies, I hope you're all enjoying your evening.

I started natashaparisblog back in May and I'm enjoying every minute. I am amazed that my little blog now has over 150 Bloglovin' followers. I am so thankful to each and every one of you who reads/follows my blog. I also feel very lucky to have got to know so many lovely bloggers too.

However I find that blogging whilst working full time can be difficult sometimes so I've decided to take a blogging break over Christmas and New Year. In the meantime I'm likely to still be posting on Twitter and Instagram (you can find my links in my sidebar.). I'll be back to my usual posting schedule from January 4th.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

21 December 2014

Review: Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

Back in early November Clinique UK ran their #CliniqueGlow campaign,during which they gave their followers the chance to win prizes.I was lucky enough to win the Clinique Sonic System Cleansing brush and a sample size tube of the Clinique Foaming Facial Soap.As I've had the chance to try out the products for a reasonable amount of time now I felt it was time to do a review. 

Whilst I've always quite fancied trying out a cleansing brush, the prices have put me off. The Clinique Sonic Cleansing Brush is priced around £79, which is still pretty pricey but slightly more affordable than the likes of the Clarisonic.Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

The brush has two different coloured bristles, the white bristles are slightly softer and are designed for use on the larger areas of the face,such as the cheeks. Whilst the green bristles are slightly firmer and are designed for use on those areas where a deeper cleanse is required, such as around the nose area. 
Clinique recommend using the brush for 30 seconds once daily to start with. When you switch the brush on it vibrates for 30 seconds and then shuts itself off after the 30 seconds has passed which I think is a very useful feature. 

The brush comes with a charging stand and is recharged using mains power. When the brush is fully charged it has a running time of around 3 hours.

I use this product for a deep cleanse after removing the top layer of my make-up with Garnier Micellar Water. I apply some of the Clinique Foaming Soap directly onto the moistened brush head (definitely don't use this product with a dry brush head) and then switch on and use until the brush shuts itself off after the 30 seconds is up.

When I first started using the brush my skin did break out quite badly, however I assume that was because my skin was getting a deeper cleanse than it would do otherwise. After a 
few more days of continuous use the break outs became less severe and my skin did begin
to look and feel healthier.

I continued to use the product daily,as reccomended and unfortunately in the second week of use the skin on my left cheek became quite irritated so I had to stop using the product daily and instead use it a couple of times a week and it seem that my skin is much happier with that arrangement.

Aside from my skin becoming irritated another thing that did surprise me about this product was that the brush itself doesn't seem to vibrate, just the handle does. Now I think that this seems odd as surely the the whole point is to get a deeper cleanse than you would if you used a manual brush or facial sponge? Maybe this is how other facial brushes work too I'm not sure. 

For me personally I'd have been a little bit disappointed if I had shelled out my hard earned cash for this product, I dont feel that it cleans my face any better than any other facial sponge or flannel would. Although I wasn't the biggest fan of the product I know lots of people use and love this product and I always find skincare is personal preference, a little bit like Marmite haha.

The Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush is widely available from places such as Boots and Feel Unique for £79.00.

This post contains a competition prize. 
This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

Have you tried this product? What did you think?
Thank you for reading,

19 December 2014

Review: Tanya Burr Cosmetics 'Mistletoe Kisses' Lipgloss

After the disappointment of my 'red' MAC lipglass I was still desperate to find the perfect red lipgloss. It just so happened that this was around the time that Tanya Burr launched some new additions to her Tanya Burr Cosmetics lipgloss line, one of which was the limited edition lipgloss 'Mistletoe Kisses'. I've tried some of the nail polishes from Tanya Burr Cosmetics and I've been really impressed with them so I decided to give a lip gloss from the range a go.
Tanya Burr Cosmetics 'Mistletoe Kisses' Lipgloss

The lipgloss is a slight pink toned-red which has subtle flecks of gold shimmer running through it,making it a perfect shade for the festive season (the swatch looks slightly more pink on my photograph than it does in reality). 

Now there is a definite 'love it' or 'hate it' feature of this product and that's the smell and taste. The gloss has a very sweet strawberry like scent and taste, it almost reminds me of the lipglosses I used to wear when I first discovered make-up. This is not something I'm really a fan of when it comes to a lip product, but I'm sure others may like it.

The lipgloss has a flexible applicator wand which makes for a precise application. The flexibility of the applicator also allows the product to be distributed evenly on the lips. 

The lipgloss formula is a little bit on the sticky side but nowhere near as much as other lipglosses I've used. Up to now I've managed to avoid any awkward 'hair stuck to the lipgloss' situations, so it' so far so good.

When worn alone the lipgloss provides a subtle pop of shimmery red, which makes it perfect for everyday wear. But as I love to wear a bold red lip I have been wearing this lipgloss over the top of Makeup Revolution's Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in 'Keep Trying For You' and it looks stunning and has now become my current favourite look.

I purchased Tanya Burr Cosmetics 'Mistletoe Kisses' lipgloss for £6.99 from Superdrug,unfortunately it appears to be out of stock there now but I've had a look elsewhere and it still appears to be available on Cloud10Beauty (psst it's currently on offer for £5.56 there too).

What's your current favourite lip look?
Thank you for reading,

14 December 2014

Review & Swatches - MAC Objects Of Affection Nude + Red Lipglass Collection

As part of MAC's 2014 Holiday Collection they have released the 'Objects of Affection' collection which is a series of individual mini kits including Lipglass, Pigments and Glitter. As a Birthday present to myself I decided to treat myself to the MAC Objects Of Affection Nude + Red Lipglass Collection.

MAC Objects Of Affection Nude + Red Lipglass Collection
The first thing that drew me towards this collection is the packaging. All of the 'Objects of Affection' mini kits are packaged in a glittery box adorned with a Cameo medallion. I think this box will look stunning sat on a dressing table. 

This collection contains 4 MAC Lipglasses. The nude shades - Paper Lantern,Dynasty At Dusk and Deelight - are all Cremesheen Glasses whilst the 'red' shade - Love Alert - is a Dazzleglass.
MAC Objects Of Affection Nude + Red Lipglass Collection
L-R: Deelight, Paper Lantern, Dynasty At Dusk,Love Alert.
MAC Objects Of Affection Nude + Red Lipglass Swatches

 The Cremesheen Glasses all have a Doefoot Applicator, which makes them easy peasy to apply, where as the Dazzleglass has a brush applicator, which personally I find a little trickier to use. 

When applied the Cremesheen Glasses feel very moisturising on the lips,unfortunately I haven't found the Dazzleglass to be as moisturising, which is a shame.

The pigmentation of the Lipglasses is much more than I would expect from a lipgloss type product, although it is obviously not as good as the pigmentation of a MAC lipstick. As with most lipgloss type products I find that I need to reapply every couple of hours for the best result.

Aside from the stickiness of the glasses (specifically the Dazzleglass - definitely not one to wear on a windy day!) I am a little bit disappointed with the shade of 'Love Alert' as I decided to buy this collection (as opposed to the other colour collections) because I'm a big fan of a red lip but to me this colour appears to be more pink than red.

I purchased this giftset from MAC online for £26.00.

Have you picked up anything from the MAC Holiday Collection?
Thank you for reading,

10 December 2014

Beauty : Primark Christmas Nails!

It's Christmas!!! .. Well nearly. 
Whilst I love nail art, I'm terrible at painting my own nails so I tend to wear false nails a lot, I'm a paticular fan of Primark's budget friendly false nails. I got super excited when I spotted that Primark were doing a range of Christmas false nails and I just had to pick up a couple of packs, here's a little peek at the ones I picked up.

Red is one of my favourite colours and these nails definitely say Christmas to me (obviously the nails can't speak,but you know what I mean haha). I love the various designs on these nails, although the reindeer is my favourite. 

'Do you wanna build a snowman?' These nails are my favourite design from the Christmas range and I think they'll be the ones that I choose to wear during Christmas week.

These nails aren't branded as part of the Christmas range but they're so pretty and sparkly.. and who doesn't love a bit of sparkle at Christmas? They really remind me of the dress that Elsa wears in Frozen too.

All the above nail designs cost me £1 per pack (and they include nail glue too,crazy!).
I can't wait to wear all of these designs and I'm sure I'll be posting photo's of them on my Instagram when I do. If you'd like to read my review of Primark false nails then you can find it here (link)

Will you be wearing any Christmas inspired nails this year?
Thank you for reading,

3 December 2014

Beauty: Autumn/Winter Shades For Lips and Nails

Now we're officially into Autumn/Winter I thought I would do a little post showing you my current favourite shades for lips and nails.

 L-R: Tanya Burr 'Midnight Sparkles', Barry M Glitterati 'Rockstar',Models Own Sweet Shop Collection 'Pear Drops',Barry M Gelly Hi Shine 'Blood Orange',Barry M Gelly Hi Shine 'Chilli'

Autumn/Winter lip shades
L-R: MAC Viva Glam IV,MUA 'Shade 13',MUA 'Shade 1',Makeup Revolution 'Rebel With Cause',Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Matte Lipstick '110', Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate '102'

What are your favourite lip and nail shades this Autumn/Winter?
Thank you for reading,

26 November 2014

Review: COLAB Dry Shampoo London/Rio

I use dry shampoo very frequently (probably more than I should admit..oops). My usual go to is Batiste, I love how it gives my hair volume and also helps to make it look and feel clean and refreshed. However, I hate the residue it sometimes leaves at my roots (I'm not quite ready to embrace grey hair thankyou Batiste..). When I heard about the 'Sheer Invisible Formula' offered by the COLAB Dry Shampoo I knew I had to give it a try.

COLAB Dry Shampoo London/Rio

COLAB Dry Shampoo is the first range of products launched by Ruth Crilly of A Model Reccomends. Whilst I have enjoyed some of Ruth's YouTube videos and blog posts I bought this product because I liked the sound of it,not because of who's name was on it. The range currently offers five different dry shampoo scents-London,Tokyo,Rio,Paris and New York-which are all available in big 200ml cans or 50ml travel size cans.

 I purchased two of the big cans in the scents 'London' and 'Rio'. On the can 'London' is described as being "A classic yet contemporary fragrance of bergamot,musk and magnolia"  whilst 'Rio' is described as being "A carnival of tropical notes with papaya,pineapple and a heart of cassis". Now I'm no expert in fragrances but I can tell you that both of these scents smell bloomin' amazing but 'London' is my favourite out of the two.

Not only has this dry shampoo has really impressed me with it's amazing scent, the "sheer invisible formula" is pretty damn good too. When I apply the dry shampoo there is no annoying chalky residue at my roots, or infact anywhere in my hair. Once applied the product doesn't weigh my hair down,gives my hair the right amount of volume whilst leaving it looking (and feeling) refreshed in between washes. I can see this product becoming my new 'go to' dry shampoo (sorry Batiste).

I purchased the COLAB Dry Shampoos from Superdrug where they're currently on offer for £2.32 for the 200ml cans and £1.32 for the 50ml travel size cans. They are also available from feelunique costing £3.50 for the big can and £2.00 for the travel size.

Have you tried any of the COLAB Dry shampoos?
Thank you for reading,

17 November 2014

UK Magazine Freebies November 2014 (December 2014 Issues)

This month there are lots of fantastic freebies with UK magazines. The current issues are dated December 2014 and are available throughout November. 
Glamour,£2.00 - The December Issue of Glamour magazine comes with a 20% off H&M giftcard valid throughout November and a full size Nails Inc nail polish (worth £11) in a choice of 4 Autumnal shades - Tate,Hanover Square,Marylebone Mews and Wigmore Street. Unfortunately I am unable to show you any of the nail polishes as I am a Glamour subscriber I have to visit a Nails Inc counter to pick up my freebie. 
Elle,£4.00 - The latest Elle magazine comes with a free sample size Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner, I've been wanting to try out this liner so this was the perfect opportunity to do so. Also how beautiful does Emma Watson look on the cover?!
Harper's Bazaar,£4.50 - The latest issue of Harper's Bazaar comes with a sample size Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara (worth around £7).

Other magazine freebies I spotted on the shelves:
Tatler,£4.30 - The December issue comes with a 50ml sample size Cowshed handcream (worth £8.00).

Will you be picking up any of these magazines this month?
Thank you for reading,

14 November 2014

Review: Yes To Cucumbers Face Wipes

Recently Megan from Thumbalina Lillie held a Twitter giveaway which gave her followers the chance to win a travel size pack of Yes To Cucumbers face wipes. I was lucky enough to be one of the winners and I was excited to give these wipes a go.

Yes To Cucumbers Face Wipes
I know in the beauty world make-up wipes are frowned upon. Although I have a confession to make.. when I can't be bothered to take my make-up off at the end of the day I will use make-up wipes (shock horror!). 

The Yes To Cucumbers wipes contain natural ingredients are cruelty free and biodegradable, so they are very kind to the environment. 

When I used the wipes I was surprised at just how soft they were. Despite being so soft when it came to removing my make-up at the end of the day the wipes did a pretty good job at removing my face make-up. However trying to remove my eye make-up with these wipes was a whole different story, I had to scrub fairly hard to get my eye make-up to budge (even then there was still some left on my eyes.) I'd definitely recommend using an alternative product to remove your eye make-up.

When I use face wipes my skin usually tries to make me feel guilty for doing so and I break out. However I haven't found that I've had a breakout as a result of using these face wipes. *Update.. I let my Mum use these wipes when we recently went away and sadly she wasn't a fan at all.. she found that they stung her face a little.. now this isn't something I've experienced personally but it just goes to show that not all skincare products are suited to everybody* 

This travel size pack of face wipes (or travel towelettes as the packet states) can be purchased for £1.99 from places like Boots or Feel Unique. The full size pack costs £3.99.

This post contains a competition prize. 
This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

Have you tried anything from the Yes To range?
Thank you for reading,

9 November 2014

Review: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner 'Trooper'

Forget about Cheryl Cole or Kylie Jenner,my celebrity make-up crush is Kat Von D. Her make-up look is definitely the one that I'm always trying to recreate, especially her trademark winged liner.
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner 'Trooper'
 Whilst visiting the US last year I was able to pick up the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in the shade 'Trooper' (I actually bought a couple of them). Ever since then this eyeliner has become a staple within my make-up routine, hence the branding rubbing off.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner 'Trooper'
The Tattoo Liner is a liquid eyeliner in a pen form, which is my favourite type of eyeliner to use as I find it's the easiest to apply.Unlike similar products I've tried this product actually has a brush tip, rather than the traditional 'felt pen' tip. This helps to prevent the eyeliner from drying out whilst also providing a much more defined line and cat eye flick.


5 November 2014

Review: The Body Shop Coconut Beautifying Oil

The Body Shop Beautifying Oils are scented multi-purpose oils which can be used on body,face and hair. The beautifying oils come in a range of scents; mango, shea, moringa, satsuma, olive, mango, pink grapefruit, strawberry, coconut and cocoa butter. As coconut is my all time favourite scent I obviously had to go with the coconut option.

When in the bottle the scents can be a little bit overpowering, but don't let that put you off because once applied the scent fades somewhat leaving a lovely subtle scent. I tend to apply this product on a day-to-day basis as an alternative to perfume.

The Body Shop Coconut Beautifying Oil

The oil has a lightweight,hydrating formula so it doesn't feel greasy on the skin. When I used the product as a body oil it left my skin feeling soft and looking healthy (the oil leaves a subtle sheen on the skin). 

I don't really tend to apply oils to my hair and face as naturally my hair and face get oily quite easily, however I decided to put this multi use product to the test and I was pleasantly surprised. I applied a small amount of the oil to just the bottom of my hair and it was much softer and easy to manage, oh and it smelt lovely too. 

When I applied a small amount of the oil to my face my face was left feeling soft and hydrated and to my surprise (and relief) the product didn't seem to encourage my skin to product more oil or breakout. 

The Body Shop Coconut Beautifying Oil comes in a generous 100ml size and can be picked up for £10 in store or online.

Do you have any favourite products from The Body Shop? 

Thank you for reading,

24 October 2014

Review: L'Occitane Vanilla Bouquet Hand Cream

The one product that is pretty non existent from my beauty routine is hand cream. I have never managed to find a hand cream that I've been happy with, I tend to find that they are quite greasy and takes ages to soak into the skin. However I've recently been using L'Occitane's Vanilla Bouquet Hand Cream and I'm really pleased with it.

L'Occitane Vanilla Bouquet Hand Cream

The L'Occitane Vanilla Bouquet Hand Cream has a sweet vanilla scent, which I personally really like as I don't find that it smells artificial or sickly sweet like some other vanilla scented products do. 

The consistency of the hand cream is quite thick,which means that a small amount of product will go a long way.The formula contains 20% shea butter, which is a fantastic beauty ingredient which helps to protect and nourish the skin.

When applied I don't find that the product makes my hands greasy at all and it actually soaks into the skin quite quickly, which really impresses me (I'm quite an impatient person!)

After using this product my hands feel much softer and I definitely think this is going to become one of my go to products for Autumn/Winter. 

This product can be purchased for £8.00 in L'Occitane stores,online or you could pick up the latest issue of Marie Claire (dated November 2014) for £3.99 and get the hand cream free!

This is the first product I've tried from L'Occitane, do you have any L'Occitane product recommendations? 

Thank you for reading,

22 October 2014

Review: Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks then I'm sure you'll be aware that recently Zoella (A.K.A Zoe Sugg) released her own beauty range entitled 'Zoella Beauty'. 

Whilst I'm a big fan of Zoe's blog and Youtube channel I will confess that I wasn't in any hurry to rush out and buy the products. However I recently popped into Superdrug to pick up a few bits when I stumbled across the Zoella Beauty range and curiosity got the better of me and I ended up leaving the store with the Zoella Beauty 'Let's Glow Candle' and Fizz Bar. In this post I'll be reviewing the Fizz Bar.

Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar

The packaging for the Zoella Fizz Bar (and in fact all of the range) is super pretty! The Fizz Bar is shaped like a chocolate bar and contains 8 fizzy squares which can be broken apart fairly easily. This is one of my favourite things about the product as it means you can use as much (or as little) as you like so nothing's wasted. I tend to use two squares per bath which I find works well.

The Fizz Bar has quite a light floral fragrance with a hint of sweetness, which is lovely. When added to water the bath squares fizz away and leave the water with a lovely light floral scent and feeling almost silky. I have to admit that I was a teeny bit disappointed that the product didn't do anything spectacular when added my bath (I think LUSH has spoiled me slightly) but my skin did feel nice and soft afterwards.

The Fizz Bar costs £5 and can be purchased from Superdrug or Feel Unique. I think the price of the product is very reasonable, as you could effectively have 8 baths with the one product. I think this product would make a lovely gift, as the product and packaging feel much more luxurious than the price suggests.

Have you tried anything from the Zoella Beauty range? What did you think?

Thank you for reading,

15 October 2014

100 Followers Giveaway : Win a £15 LUSH Giftcard

Just over a week ago my little blog reached 100 Bloglovin' followers. I can't believe that people actually want to read my posts so I was completely overwhelmed when I found out I'd reached that milestone. 

I'd like to thank each and every person that reads/follows my blog by giving you the chance to win a £15 LUSH Giftcard.

Please note: I purchased the giftcard with my own money and although the actual giftcard states that it is for the LUSH Spa I was assured that it was suitable to use in LUSH stores too (I will send the gift card receipt to the winner too so you shouldn't have any problems).

 For the terms and conditions and to enter please see below:
  • The giveaway is open to UK resident's only (I don't think the giftcard would work overseas, sorry international readers)
  • If you are under the age of 18 please make sure you have your parent/guardians consent to enter as you would need to provide me with your address to post the prize if you were the lucky winner (I obviously won't share your address with anybody else!)
  • The giveaway ends at 00:00 Wednesday 19th November 2014. Shortly after the giveaway has ended a winner will be chosen at random and contacted by email. I will also announce the winner on Twitter.
  • I'd like the prize to go to a reader/fellow blogger so please don't post the giveaway on any competition sites or enter just because you have stumbled upon the competition, play fair!

Good Luck!


8 October 2014

September 2014 favourites

September 2014 favourites
MUA lipstick in 'shade 1' -  I'm trying to be a little bit braver with my lipstick choices and I've been trying out a number of darker coloured lipsticks. This has been my favourite of the bunch. I'd describe the colour as a 'red wine' kinda shade - making it perfect for this time of year. 

The Body Shop Coconut Beautifying Oil - I have been primarily been using this product as a body oil - it leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated.The oil can also be used on the face and the hair. Coconut is my all time favourite smell so to me this smells amazing

5 October 2014

Review: VIP Volume 3/4 Flicky Layered Instant Weave

I recently purchased 'The VIP Volume 3/4 Flicky Layered Instant Weave' from VIP Hair. VIP Hair is a line of hair extensions/hair pieces by Vicky Pattison (best known for appearing in Geordie Shore,Ex On The Beach and more recently I'm A Celebrity) alongside Sally's Glitz And Glam.

The VIP Volume 3/4 Flicky Layered Instant Weave is a 22" hairpiece which offers the look of a full head of hair extensions in just a few minutes. 

How to apply
The hairpiece is really easy to apply. First section your natural hair,remembering to leave a couple of inches at the front and sides (I then clip back the rest of my natural hair). The hairpiece is fixed to a lace cap with combs at the top and bottom, slide the combs in at the top of your head and the nape of your neck to ensure a secure fit. Finally backcomb your natural hair and pull it back to cover the join. 

28 September 2014

Review - Makeup Revolution Full Vamp Lipstick Collection

Whilst having a browse on the Makeup Revolution website I came across the 'Full Vamp' lipstick collection. I have been wanting to try out some new lip shades for a while now so when I saw that I could get 3 lipsticks for £2 I knew I had to give them a go.

 The collection contains 3 lipsticks:
Makeup Revolution Full Vamp Lipstick Collection
L-R 100% Vamp, Rebel With Cause, Black Heart

Makeup Revolution Full Vamp Lipstick Collection

17 September 2014

Review - Elegant Touch Little Mix Jesy 2 press on nails

I'm a huge fan of false nails as they are easy to apply and come in such a wide range of pretty designs (which is perfect when you're terrible at painting nails like I am). I usually use Primark's false nails but I recently tried out the Elegant Touch Little Mix Jesy 2 press on nails.

The pack comes with 24 nails in 12 different sizes, adhesive tabs, nail file and of course an instruction leaflet. Firstly I will say that I couldn't get on with the stick on tabs, so I applied the nails with nail glue and that method worked fine for me.

Elegant Touch Little Mix Jesy 2 press on nails

I love the designs on these nails - skulls, glitter and black and white patterns (there's also a white glitter design in the pack too but it wasn't the right size to fit over my natural nails).


31 August 2014

Review : LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub

My lips have been very dry lately and lip balm just wasn't cutting it. I decided I needed to treat my lips to a little bit of TLC. This came in the form of the LUSH Mint Julips lip scrub.
LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub
If you're not familiar with LUSH lip scrubs they are quite a gentle sugar scrub which come in a choice of 'flavours' - Mint Julips, Popcorn and Bubblegum.

Lush describes the Mint Julips lip scrub as being the flavour of 'mint chocolate (without the chip!). I would agree with this, although there is definitely more of a peppermint flavour than chocolate.


27 August 2014

Review - Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit

I have always fancied trying a powder to fill in my 'brows but I didn't want to fork out £24.50 for Benefit's 'Brow Zings'. Instead I picked up Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit for just £2.50The kit comes in two shades: Light-Medium or Medium-Dark. My hair is naturally very dark so the Medium-Dark version was the better choice for me.
Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit

10 August 2014

Review - Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

Recently I picked up the Maybelline Big Eyes mascara from Superdrug on a whim. These days I normally read countless reviews on products before spending my hard earned money on them but I was intrigued by this mascara when I saw it on the stand.
Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

30 July 2014

Review: Estée Lauder Double Wear Light foundation/comparison to DW

In the world of beauty blogging Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation is like marmite, some of us love it, others hate it. I am one of those who fall into the 'love it' bracket, the only thing I find is that it is too heavy on my skin during Summer. So when I found out that Estée Lauder did Double Wear Light I knew I had to buy it and give it a go.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Light foundation

The first thing I will say is the shades differ slightly between Double Wear and Double Wear Light. Double Wear has a large range of different shades (I believe there are around 30) and each has their own name. Double Wear Light has a smaller range of shades (I believe there are 9 to choose from) and each has their own intensity number. I would always recommend getting matched at a counter when looking for a new foundation but to give you a rough idea of how the shades translate from one to the other I wear 'Desert Beige' in Double Wear & Intensity 2.0 in Double Wear Light which I have found to be a good match for me.
Coverage and Longevity
Double Wear Light swatch
Although the foundation is said to be 'light' I would say it is more of a medium coverage foundation (as you can probably see on my swatch above). The foundation is long lasting once applied to the skin (I've even tried it without applying my primer first) and I don't find I need to touch it up during the day.

I find that Double Wear seems to dry quite quickly when applied to the skin, which can sometimes make it hard to blend for a flawless finish. Double Wear light doesn't dry as quickly and blends beautifully, I prefer to use a brush to apply foundation to my face but I blended the foundation swatch into the back of my hand for the photo using my fingers which worked pretty well too.

Double Wear Light tends to leave the skin with quite a natural looking finish which is fairly matte on the skin, of course this depends how much is applied to the skin.

Price and Where to buy
This product is pretty pricey, at £29.50 for a 30ml tube but I have honestly found it to be worth every penny. This product can be purchased from any Estée Lauder counter or online.

Thank you for reading,

23 July 2014

Review - Primark False Nails

Ok I'll confess, my nail painting skills are not the best and I would never attempt any sort of nail art as I don't have a steady enough hand. So to get instantly pretty nails I use falsies.

Primark false nails are an absolute bargain at £1 and they come in a range of designs - from Aztec patterns, animal designs to French manicure nails. Most recently,I picked up these neutral nude coloured nails.

Primark False Nails

The pack includes 24 nails in a range of sizes and I find that for me I don't have to file the false nails down as they are already a good shape. I find the nails are reasonably strong but in the past I have had one packet with nails which split quite easily, which I was quite surprised at as I don't find that this is usually a problem.

I usually use the Broadway Jet Dry nail glue to apply the nails, as that has always been my nail glue of choice, it is very long lasting. However, I recently used the Primark nail glue (that comes included in the pack) and my nails stayed in tact for a whole week! I do find that the Primark nail glue can be very hit and miss though. The designs on the nails last around 3-4 days without fading.

Apologies for the quality of the photograph (it was taken in poor light on my iPhone) but I wanted to show you all how the nails look once applied.

I have repurchased these false nails countless times and I will continue to do so. They come in such a wide range of pretty designs and are a great product for such a bargain price.

Have you tried the Primark false nails or anything from the Primark beauty range? Feel free to let me (and others) know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading,
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