22 June 2014

Review : Bourjois Instant Dry Nail Drops review

I absolutely hate waiting for my freshly painted nails to dry. No matter how long I leave my nails to dry I always seem to smudge them. I recently stumbled upon Bourjois Instant Dry Nail Drops and I thought they may just make painting my nails that little bit easier.
Bourjois Instant Dry Nail Drops
Bourjois Instant Dry Nail Drops are a liquid which you apply to freshly painted nails using the pipette dropper.You don't need to apply much of the product, one drop on each nail is enough.

The drops contain cuticle nourishing ingredients too, so you could class this as a multi purpose product.

The bottle says that the drops will help to dry nail polish 2 x faster. Now I'm not sure whether this claim is true or not as I have never measured the amount of time it takes for my nail polish to dry. Although I do know that the nail drops have significantly reduced the amount of time I impatiently spend waiting for my nails to dry.

I now use these drops everytime I paint my nails and it no longer seems like a chore.
The Bourjois Instant Dry Nail Drops cost £5.99 and are widely available from places such as Superdrug.

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15 June 2014

Review - Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

I recently picked up a product I have been lusting after for a very long time, Clinique 'Take The Day Off' cleansing balm. I have had time to try it out now so here's a little review for you.

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm
In the pot the balm is solid but once in contact with skin it turns into a fluid. I apply the cleansing balm by massaging a small amount of product onto my skin, once it has had a little time to soak in I remove it using a damp face cloth.

At first I was worried that the product might make my combination skin even oilier but that has not been the case. The balm melts onto the skin, provides a thorough cleanse whilst being gentle on the skin and leaves skin feeling lovely and soft after use.

4 June 2014

Review: Lush Mask of Magnaminty (Self Preserving)

I heard about 'Mask of Magnaminty' from Lush a while back now and after reading a number of good reviews I decided that I wanted to try it. Unfortunately I would get so carried away buying the bath ballistics I would completely forget about it when I went into the shop (oops.) Eventually I did pick it up just over a month ago and I am so glad I did.

Lush Mask of Magnaminty

The mask has a strong peppermint smell, at first I found this to be a little overwhelming but I soon got used to it. My favourite thing about this mask is that it contains anti-bacterial properties meaning it can help to prevent breakouts. This mask can be used on the face or even on the back when those pesky spots arise.

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