30 July 2014

Review: Estée Lauder Double Wear Light foundation/comparison to DW

In the world of beauty blogging Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation is like marmite, some of us love it, others hate it. I am one of those who fall into the 'love it' bracket, the only thing I find is that it is too heavy on my skin during Summer. So when I found out that Estée Lauder did Double Wear Light I knew I had to buy it and give it a go.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Light foundation

The first thing I will say is the shades differ slightly between Double Wear and Double Wear Light. Double Wear has a large range of different shades (I believe there are around 30) and each has their own name. Double Wear Light has a smaller range of shades (I believe there are 9 to choose from) and each has their own intensity number. I would always recommend getting matched at a counter when looking for a new foundation but to give you a rough idea of how the shades translate from one to the other I wear 'Desert Beige' in Double Wear & Intensity 2.0 in Double Wear Light which I have found to be a good match for me.
Coverage and Longevity
Double Wear Light swatch
Although the foundation is said to be 'light' I would say it is more of a medium coverage foundation (as you can probably see on my swatch above). The foundation is long lasting once applied to the skin (I've even tried it without applying my primer first) and I don't find I need to touch it up during the day.

I find that Double Wear seems to dry quite quickly when applied to the skin, which can sometimes make it hard to blend for a flawless finish. Double Wear light doesn't dry as quickly and blends beautifully, I prefer to use a brush to apply foundation to my face but I blended the foundation swatch into the back of my hand for the photo using my fingers which worked pretty well too.

Double Wear Light tends to leave the skin with quite a natural looking finish which is fairly matte on the skin, of course this depends how much is applied to the skin.

Price and Where to buy
This product is pretty pricey, at £29.50 for a 30ml tube but I have honestly found it to be worth every penny. This product can be purchased from any Estée Lauder counter or online.

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23 July 2014

Review - Primark False Nails

Ok I'll confess, my nail painting skills are not the best and I would never attempt any sort of nail art as I don't have a steady enough hand. So to get instantly pretty nails I use falsies.

Primark false nails are an absolute bargain at £1 and they come in a range of designs - from Aztec patterns, animal designs to French manicure nails. Most recently,I picked up these neutral nude coloured nails.

Primark False Nails

The pack includes 24 nails in a range of sizes and I find that for me I don't have to file the false nails down as they are already a good shape. I find the nails are reasonably strong but in the past I have had one packet with nails which split quite easily, which I was quite surprised at as I don't find that this is usually a problem.

I usually use the Broadway Jet Dry nail glue to apply the nails, as that has always been my nail glue of choice, it is very long lasting. However, I recently used the Primark nail glue (that comes included in the pack) and my nails stayed in tact for a whole week! I do find that the Primark nail glue can be very hit and miss though. The designs on the nails last around 3-4 days without fading.

Apologies for the quality of the photograph (it was taken in poor light on my iPhone) but I wanted to show you all how the nails look once applied.

I have repurchased these false nails countless times and I will continue to do so. They come in such a wide range of pretty designs and are a great product for such a bargain price.

Have you tried the Primark false nails or anything from the Primark beauty range? Feel free to let me (and others) know in the comments below.

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13 July 2014

Beauty: Uses For Coconut Oil

Hi lovelies,
I'm sure that lots of you will already be aware that coconut oil is an amazing multi-use beauty product, but just in case you weren't or you want to know the ways I use coconut oil I've put a little post together for you.
Superdrug Coconut Oil4
Hair mask - Apply through the lengths of the hair and cover the hair (a shower cap works best). Leave on for a couple of hours or even overnight then shampoo hair as normal to remove the product. Your hair should feel much smoother and appear more shiny.
Moisturiser- Massage coconut oil into the skin and allow it to soak in. I prefer to use coconut oil as my night time moisturiser as it can take a while to soak in.

9 July 2014

Review : Superdrug Teeth Whitening System 14 Day Treatment Kit

Hi lovelies,
I recently purchased the 'Superdrug Tooth Whitening System 14 day treatment kit' £8.99.I know that this post won't be for everybody but it was requested by a lovely reader that I do a review on this whitening kit so here I am writing one.

What's included in the kit?
The kit comes with a tooth whitening accelerator, tooth whitening gel, tooth whitening toothpaste and a mouth tray

How to use?
The whitening system operates a 3 step system - whitening accelerator (step 1), whitening gel (step 2) and whitening toothpaste (step 3) which makes it very easy to use.
Firstly you brush your teeth as normal and prepare the mouth tray by squeezing the whitening gel into it (be careful not to overfill!).
Then apply the whitening accelerator to the teeth by rubbing the accelerator pad against the surface of the teeth (at this point you have to keep your mouth open to avoid the accelerator from being removed).
Immediately place the prepared mouth tray into the mouth and hold in place by biting onto it. Leave in for at least 5 minutes, but no longer than 10 (trust me any longer will leave your mouth very numb!)
To finish rinse your mouth thoroughly to remove any residue and brush teeth as normal using the whitening toothpaste.

What did I think?
My teeth definitely do look a little whiter after using this kit, but I definitely don't think they are 'up to 6 shades whiter' as it says on the box. However if I had used the kit twice daily as recommended rather than once daily (I only have time to brush and go on a morning) I'm sure I would have achieved even better results.
I was going to do a before and after picture so I could show you the results but I forgot to do the before picture and pictures of teeth just don't look flattering do they? so you'll just have to take my word I'm afraid.

I am still not giving up on the mission to get a whiter, brighter smile so if you have any teeth whitening product recommendations please let me know in the comments below.

This kit is available to purchase for £8.99 from Superdrug in store or online (link).

Thank you for reading,
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