21 December 2014

Review: Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

Back in early November Clinique UK ran their #CliniqueGlow campaign,during which they gave their followers the chance to win prizes.I was lucky enough to win the Clinique Sonic System Cleansing brush and a sample size tube of the Clinique Foaming Facial Soap.As I've had the chance to try out the products for a reasonable amount of time now I felt it was time to do a review. 

Whilst I've always quite fancied trying out a cleansing brush, the prices have put me off. The Clinique Sonic Cleansing Brush is priced around £79, which is still pretty pricey but slightly more affordable than the likes of the Clarisonic.Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

The brush has two different coloured bristles, the white bristles are slightly softer and are designed for use on the larger areas of the face,such as the cheeks. Whilst the green bristles are slightly firmer and are designed for use on those areas where a deeper cleanse is required, such as around the nose area. 
Clinique recommend using the brush for 30 seconds once daily to start with. When you switch the brush on it vibrates for 30 seconds and then shuts itself off after the 30 seconds has passed which I think is a very useful feature. 

The brush comes with a charging stand and is recharged using mains power. When the brush is fully charged it has a running time of around 3 hours.

I use this product for a deep cleanse after removing the top layer of my make-up with Garnier Micellar Water. I apply some of the Clinique Foaming Soap directly onto the moistened brush head (definitely don't use this product with a dry brush head) and then switch on and use until the brush shuts itself off after the 30 seconds is up.

When I first started using the brush my skin did break out quite badly, however I assume that was because my skin was getting a deeper cleanse than it would do otherwise. After a 
few more days of continuous use the break outs became less severe and my skin did begin
to look and feel healthier.

I continued to use the product daily,as reccomended and unfortunately in the second week of use the skin on my left cheek became quite irritated so I had to stop using the product daily and instead use it a couple of times a week and it seem that my skin is much happier with that arrangement.

Aside from my skin becoming irritated another thing that did surprise me about this product was that the brush itself doesn't seem to vibrate, just the handle does. Now I think that this seems odd as surely the the whole point is to get a deeper cleanse than you would if you used a manual brush or facial sponge? Maybe this is how other facial brushes work too I'm not sure. 

For me personally I'd have been a little bit disappointed if I had shelled out my hard earned cash for this product, I dont feel that it cleans my face any better than any other facial sponge or flannel would. Although I wasn't the biggest fan of the product I know lots of people use and love this product and I always find skincare is personal preference, a little bit like Marmite haha.

The Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush is widely available from places such as Boots and Feel Unique for £79.00.

This post contains a competition prize. 
This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

Have you tried this product? What did you think?
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