20 May 2015

Natashaparisblog Turns One!

I started natashaparisblog back in May 2014, and at this date last year I published my first ever blog post (titled 'My First Blog Post'... how original ;))

When I started my blog I thought it would be something that I got fed up of doing after a couple of months. However, here I am a year later. Yes blogging can be hard, I sometimes struggle to think of new content and there's always the worry of whether people are actually going to read the posts that have taken me a whole afternoon to write up. But (ooh I just started a sentence with 'but' if my English teacher could see me now ;)) when I see that people are actually reading my posts or when people leave a little comment then all the time and effort I put into my blog suddenly seems worth it.

So I just want to say a huge thank you to you, the lovely readers of natashaparisblog. Thank you for taking time out of your lives to read my rambles, thank you for following, thank you for leaving lovely comments and thank you for reading.


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