16 November 2016

An Evening with Bon Prix - #BonPrixontherocks

If you follow me on social media then you might have seen that last Saturday evening I headed to Bon Prix's #BonPrixonthrocks event, which was held at Malmaison Leeds (which was a very snazzy venue I must say!). 

Bon Prix on the rocks

With me not being a regular at blogging events I will admit that was feeling a little bit anxious about attending the event. I was worried that I wasn't going to know any of the other bloggers (or more so that they weren't going to know me). Luckily for me I arrived at the same time as Kellie (Big Fashionista), who very kindly introduced me to a number of lovely bloggers and I spent most of the evening with a small group of them which included Jess (Glitterbat), Kelly (Adventures in Tea and Cake) and Simone (Married To A Geek). 

Shortly after arriving at the event we were given the opportunity to have outfit photos taken with the event photographer Matt. For me this was completely out of my comfort zone (fashion blogger I am not) but seen as I was wearing a very pretty party dress I figured I'd go ahead and have the photos taken. 

Bon Prix on the rocks

After which we were assigned a team for the cocktail making class which was to take place later in the evening. After (a couple of glasses of) prosecco, mingling and some yummy canapes it was time for group one (the group I was part of) to make their first cocktail - a Pretty in Pink. In groups of three we each were given the oppotunity to make our cocktail. Once each of us had made our first cocktail (and had a good giggle) it was time for group two to make their first cocktail - a Sassy Sapphire. 

Bon Prix on the rocks
We then switched and group one made the Sassy Sapphire and group two made the Pretty in Pink. I had a lot of fun taking part in the cocktail making class, in fact I'm going to try and recreate the cocktails at home at some point *digs out cocktail glasses from the back of the 
cupboard*. Also I think we owe the bartender who was hosting the cocktail class a big round of applause for helping us to make our yummy cocktails (and also for dealing so well with us bloggers all pointing a camera in his direction at once).

Bon Prix on the rocks

I had a really lovely evening at the event, thank you so much to Bon Prix for the invite. Also I wanted to say a huge thank you to each of the lovely bloggers in attendance for making me feel so welcome, it was really lovely to meet you all (and I'm sorry I didn't get to chat to some of you more).

All photos used in this image were taken by Matt at Search Laboratory and are used within this post with permission. If you want to read more about the event you can find Bon Prix's post here

Thank you for reading. 

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