29 December 2016

Life: 2016 In Review

Speaking in general terms 2016 has been a pretty rubbish year hasn't it? 

Aside from the general rubbish that 2016 brought us all, for me there has been some pretty damn good moments in my year. I had a lovely girly weekend in London with my Mum and we went to see our first ever West End show - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which was incredible. I did share a post about our weekend in London which you can find here. 

I met my lovely boyfriend early in 2016 and have been super duper happy ever since (look at me being soppy.. oops I'll grab the sick bucket now).
 I visited Paris for the first time and fell in love with the city and of course this lead me to create the cliche Natasha Paris in Paris blog post (I won't lie I'm still pretty proud of that post title.. I'm not even sorry haha). In September I went on holiday to Madeira (which is such a wonderful destination) and very much enjoyed a couple of days in Porto too.
This year I've been trying to get a little bit healthier and as part of that I've started going on weekend walks with my boyfriend (which I'm not so secretly starting to enjoy), I've also started to learn how to cook and I'm enjoying finding new recipes to try. 

I took a leap and started a new job which is completely different from my previous role and I am very pleased to say that I'm thoroughly enjoying my new job!

In terms of this blog, my little space on the internet, I'm so much more motivated to blog since I took a step back and remembered that I blog as a hobby and that I don't need to take it quite as seriously as I once was. I've also enjoyed varying my blog content somewhat too. 

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you all the best for the new year.

Lots of love,

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