18 July 2017

Review: GlassesShop.Com Prescription Glasses*

I first started wearing prescription glasses back in my mid-teens and I'm now more reliant on them than ever, so it's nice to have a couple of pairs which I can alternate between to prevent me getting fed up of wearing the same pair over and over. As I'm sure my fellow prescription glasses wearers will be aware prescription glasses can be very expensive! So when GlassesShop.com got in touch and offered to send me a pair of their affordable prescription glasses to review I was intruiged.

GlassesShop.Com is an online shop which offers a vast range of prescription eyeglasses, glasses frames and prescription sunglasses at affordable prices. With so much choice it took me a while to chose my frames. In the end I decided to go with the GrandPrairie Wayfarer Purple/Pink glasses* (RRP $25.95).


11 July 2017

Review: LUSH Metamorphosis Bath Bomb

Last month I popped into LUSH for the first time in a very quite a long time. During my visit I purchased a product I'd never tried before, the Metamorphosis bath bomb.
LUSH Metamorphosis Bath Bomb
The main ingredients in Metamorphosis are Black Pepper Oil,Cinamon Leaf Oil and Myrrh which give the bath bomb a lovely warm scent, which I can't compare to any other LUSH products I've tried. Personally I found that the scent lingered on my skin for quite a while after using the bath bomb, which I really liked.
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