11 July 2017

Review: LUSH Metamorphosis Bath Bomb

Last month I popped into LUSH for the first time in a very quite a long time. During my visit I purchased a product I'd never tried before, the Metamorphosis bath bomb.
LUSH Metamorphosis Bath Bomb
The main ingredients in Metamorphosis are Black Pepper Oil,Cinamon Leaf Oil and Myrrh which give the bath bomb a lovely warm scent, which I can't compare to any other LUSH products I've tried. Personally I found that the scent lingered on my skin for quite a while after using the bath bomb, which I really liked.

Once popped into the water the bath bomb fizzed away quite quickly, revealing bursts of orange,pink, yellow and green amongst the soft grey and a sprinkling of fine glitter. I can't pretend I wasn't a little bit disappointed at how quickly the product disappeared, I was expecting it to be a little bit of a 'slower fizzer'.

After the bath bomb disolved my bath water became a yellow/grey colour which wasn't very visually appealing (although I had expected the water to look a little bit murky it did still take me by surprise).
LUSH Metamorphosis Bath Bomb
After draining the bath there was a little bit of a grey ring around some of the edges of the bath, which didn't take much effort to remove (just a quick rub with a sponge and a rinse with the shower) but it still does take something away from the relaxing bathtime experience. 

I don't think I'll be rushing out to repurchase this product, however if LUSH ever make a shower gel or fragrance using this scent I'd definitely give it a try!

Have you tried out any new products recently? I'd love to hear your thoughts, feel free to share in the comments box below

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